With State less than two weeks away I would like to offer the final contestant results and some insight into what will be happening while our chapter is in the Twin Cities. A more detailed list of activities will come with its finalization.

  • Fundemental Accounting:

Chelsey Ehleringer-Honorable Mention

  • Payroll Accounting:

Chelsey Ehleringer-5th State Qualifier (SQ)
Joey Dufault-Honorable Mention

  • Financial Analyst Team:

Morris Team A (Paige Loew, Chelsey Ehleringer, Beth Holland, Sydney Engebretson)-2nd SQ

  • Economic Research Individual:

Maddie Richardson- 3rd SQ
Emily Ruether-5th SQ

  • Economic Research Team:

Morris Team C (Cali Jo Larson, Madison Wevley, Lindsey Dierks, Courtney Storck)-3rd SQ

Morris Team B (Britta Engebretson, Karli SIegel, Correy Hickman, McKenna Lubenow)-4th SQ

Morris Team A (Ian Howden, Max Jerke, John Huebner, Nate Vipond)-5th SQ

  • Financial Math & Analysis Concepts (OPEN TEST):

Matt Munsterman-2nd SQ
Isaac Wente-4th SQ

  • Medical Office Procedures:

Karli Siegel-Honorable Mention

  • Administrative Support Research Individual:

Calley Hickman-3rd SQ

  • Systems Administration Using Cisco:

Bo Gullickson-2nd SQ

  • Network Design Team:

Morris Team B (Kelsey Curfman, Hailey Thielke, Jason Rinkenberger, Matthew Ohren)-1st SQ

  • Mobile Applications:

Peter Schneider-1st SQ

  • Graphic Design Promotion:

Madison Van Batavia-5th SQ

  • Digital Media Production:

Correy Hickman-1st SQ

  • Computer Modeling:

Peter Schneider-1st SQ

  • Video Production Team:

Morris Team A (Lauren Reimers, Regan Vig, Sam Henrichs, Bobbi Jo Kurtz)-1st SQ

Morris Team D ( Justine Huebner, Brianna Abril, Trent Ostby, Anika Mundal)-4th SQ

Morris Team C (Jessica Burks, Annie Brandt, Katie Ohren, Caitlin Wilts,)-Honorable Mention

  • News Broadcast Production Team:

Morris Team A (Madison Van Batavia, Emma Zosel, Brady Jergenson, Jared Anderson)-1st SQ

Morris Team D (Bo Olson, Riley Biesterfield, Nick Solvie, Joey Dufault)-2nd SQ

Morris Team C (Anna Grove, Noel Schieler, Nicole Solvie, Ashley Solvie)-3rd SQ

  • Global Marketing Team:

Morris Team A (Kjersa Anderson, Carly Gullickson, Yasha Hoffman)-1st SQ

Morris Team B (Adrianela Mendez, Elizabeth Mendez, Aaron Goulet, Mike Rausch)-2nd SQ

  • Entrepreneurship:

Kjersa Anderson-1st SQ

Elvira Chuibekova-2nd SQ

Aaron Jones-3rd SQ

Austin White-4th SQ

  • Small Business Management Team:

Morris Team C (Aaron Jones, Haley Erdahl, Lexi Mahoney, Brooke Mattson)-1st SQ

Morris Team A (Kayla Schneider, Jasmine Boots, Thomas Deseth, Calley Hickman)-2nd SQ

Morris Team B (Bo Gullickson, Jorden Arbach, Ben Folkman, Jace Wilts)-4th SQ

  • Interview Skills:

Mallory Arnold-Honorable Mention

  • Advanced Interview Skills:

Ian Howden-2nd SQ

  • Extemporaneous Speech:

Yasha Hoffman-2nd SQ

Alec Gausman-3rd SQ

Holli Christians-5th SQ

  • Human Resource Management:

Katie Ohren-Honorable Mention (Called Up to State)

  • Prepared Speech:

Leah Glimsdal-Honorable Mention (Called Up to State)

Britta Engebretson-Honorable Mention

  • Presentation Management Individual:

Yasha Hoffman-2nd SQ

  • Presentation Management Team:

Morris Team C (Kjestina Bruer, Kourtney Giese, Lacee Maanum, Carlie Zimmil)-2nd SQ

Morris Team A (Kendra Jergenson, Kalley Hottovy, Brooke Kill, Alycia Abler)-4th SQ

  • Business Meeting Management Concepts (OPEN TEST):

Kelsey Curfman-4th SQ

Amber Logan-5th SQ

Matt Munsterman-6th SQ

Mallory Arnold-Honorable Mention

  • Project Management Concepts (OPEN TEST):

Robert Rohloff-1st SQ

Matt Munsterman-2nd SQ

Trent Wulf-3rd SQ

Alyna Kleinwolterink-4th SQ

Kelsey Curfman-5th SQ

Michael Li-7th SQ

Amber Logan-Honorable Mention

Receiving a Torch Statesman Award at the State Leadership Conference: 

  • Brianna Abril, Jared Anderson, Kjersa Anderson, Jorden Arbach, Elvira Chuibekova, Kelsey Curfman, Chelsey Ehleringer, Alec Gausman, Leah Glimsdal, Carly Gullickson, Calley Hickman, Yasha Hoffman, Beth Holland, Ian Howden, John Huebner, Justine Huebner, Brady Jergenson, Amber Logan, Kayla Schneider, Peter Schneider, Madison Van Batavia

Carly Gullickson was also an integral part of the day, serving as the Region 7 Vice President.  The chapter will compete at the state level March 5-8 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Minneapolis.  While there, chapter members will host activities relating to safe teen driving, complete a chapter service project, attend leadership sessions, and more.  Kjersa Anderson will be recognized as the Minnesota January “Member of the Month.”  Paige Loew will represent Morris as part of the State Executive Officer team.